Retail premises

Wnętrze piekarni cukierni zaprojektowane dla La Bagatela projekty lokali usługowych Grid Studio Projektowe

We are a studio with many years of experience in designing the interiors of retail premises such as bakeries, confectioneries, cafes, restaurants and others.

We have been trusted by clients from all over Poland. During the design process, we work with various specialists, which allows us to meet customer requirements in terms of functions, legal standards, aesthetics and technology. During our practice, we meet with various design challenges that we are happy to undertake. Not much can surprise us at the present stage, but we treat each new project as an opportunity to constantly expand our knowledge and experience. Customers appreciate our versatility because we are a team of designers with diverse education and experience. We develop designs for retail premises from concept to implementation, we offer author’s and executive supervision. We undertake the design of both independent smaller premises and chains, as well as those that are created in shopping malls.

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