Product design

As product designers and engineering designers, we work on our product design from initial sketches to completion and product implementation. While working on our projects we conduct market user research and economic analysis. During the design process, we try to take all the commercial and distribution aspects as well as user feedback into account. We consider the environment for which the product is designed, we further study the way users interact with the product and evaluate its impact on the environment. We are aware of all the factors leading to the successful product design. So far many brands have trusted our services, professional practice and expertise – Es System K, EBS, Follett Ice, Lako, to mention a few. Our design ideas and projects are present and successful on both local and international markets.

New product design

According to our offer, we design small everyday life objects as well as objects intended for industrial mass production. Having broad range of design experience as product designers we offer our clients creative ideas, concept generation, a wide spectrum of technical knowledge, basic materials analysis and production methods understanding. We apply rapid prototyping, usability testing, and practical workshops to enhance our product design. It allows us to offer solutions perfectly adjusted to the specifications of the designed product. During the implementation process, we can recommend reliable producers, contractors and components suppliers. Thanks to our verified professional contacts the implementation and manufacturing processes are less time consuming and more cost effective.

Projektowanie produktu - przykład urządzenia zaprojektowane przez GRID

Product case design process

Sometimes a product design means to work only on a case of the product. That refers to medical or small electronic devices. The client with his constructor already has the initial size, components and the production technology set up. Our job is to design the external form of the product. Sometimes our job is to upgrade the existing design and make amendments to the visual aspects of the object’s case. As product designers, we can also be hired as visual designers only.

In each of the product design situations described above prototypes are very important. The rapid prototyping method for modeling is the best technique to avoid mistakes and makes the product design and product development process and the implementation process shorter.

Make good product design a priority!

A well-designed product is not only visually attractive, it requires critical thinking. Most importantly a good innovative product design should be useful, functional and ergonomic. A good product designer understands user experience, consumers’ needs and requirements and takes responsibility for well-designed product implementation. A good product design is essential to create successful products for the market.

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Product design process – phases of design process

Depending on the type of product design and the project the scope of our services and quantity of the stages can vary. They are adjusted to clients’ individual needs creating a flexible collaboration method. Here are typical stages of the design process presented below.

1. Design specification

Design specification is creating design briefs defining design requirements and it is a part of the design process. Design specification influences the quality of the final project and its success on the market. The design requirements of the product should be verified: functionality in relation to product use, visual characteristics, materials requirements, technical parameters, structural, production and market requirements, marketing suggestions, and possible limitations.

2. Existing solutions analysis

Current designs diagnosis, also the ones suggested by the client, as reference material. Research of market requirements, user research, technology analysis. Presentation of conclusions, and discussion with the client.

3. Development of the design concept and product form

The design of the design concept and form of the product is an essential stage of work on developing the design of the product. The scope of the service includes developing the concept and determining the functionality, materials, colors, shape and form of the designed product.

4. Development of a design project

In the next stage, the selected design concept is developed. Refining the shapes, dimensions and aesthetics of the product and its elements. Modeling and visualization stage. At this stage, decisions are made regarding technological divisions, surface finishing, design of details, etc., taking into account available production methods and, possibly, the technology park existing in the company. At this stage, dimensional models can also be created in scale or actual size.

5. Preparation of product prototype documentation

Development of the selected design concept. Improving the shapes, dimensions and aesthetics of the product and its elements, documentation stage.

After creating and analyzing the visualization, changes are made to the 3D computer models. Then, design documentation is prepared, allowing for the development of executive documentation, resulting in a product prototype.

6. Prototype testing and optimization

Refining the shapes, dimensions and aesthetics of the product and its elements. At this stage, analysis, evaluation, corrections, corrections and finalization of the project are carried out. The scope of the service includes analysis of the design, ergonomics and aesthetics of the product prototype.

7. Author's supervision over the implementation of the design project

Consultations, corrections and quality control. Evaluation of pilot batches of the product.

Projekt wzorniczy obudowy produktu

Product designers from GRID

We are a multidisciplinary design team with many years of professional experience and design practice, a broad design portfolio and high standards of work. We are very passionate and enthusiastic about design, technology and craftsmanship.

Using 3D software and technology allow us to minimise projects’ costs. Working with 3D software and offering computer-aided design also helps us estimate projects’ cost of implementation and projects’ feasibility.

Product Design – what can we do for you at GRID?

We work with both new and existing products.

Designing a new product

Our services cover the entire design process – from the analysis of customer needs, through the conceptual stage, to the preparation of complete executive designs. We take care of every detail to ensure perfect product functionality and satisfaction of our customers.

Product refresh

We focus on detailed product analysis, identifying areas for improvement and modernization. Thanks to our creative approaches and innovative solutions, we bring products to life, adding new functions, aesthetics and modern elements that attract customers’ attention.

Product analysis/audit

We carry out thorough product analyses. We provide specific knowledge and recommendations that will allow you to optimize functionality, increase attractiveness in the eyes of customers and adapt the product to the latest trends and market expectations.

Industrial design – our projects


To be honest, the design process should be undertaken for every new product entering the market. Innovative products require professional services. Poorly designed products may expose companies to financial and marketing losses. Furthermore, in extreme cases, they can be dangerous for the health and even life of users. The clients themselves need to answer the question about the cost of not hiring a product designer while issuing new products into the market.

Both the industrial design process and broad marketing strategy are very important factors in new product implementation. It is very shortsighted to sell well-promoted but poorly-designed products. On the other side, well-designed products with poor marketing strategies don't guarantee huge incomes in the beginning ,but it is possible to build a reputation slowly and sell more as soon as clients' trust is earned. It also allows for slow but stable development.

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