3D printing | Prototyping

Druk 3D serca płodu wykonany dla MWU 3D Models przez Grid Studio Projektowe

3D printing technology allows you to refine the design in its initial stage. The printed prototype allows you to verify the dimensions, ergonomics, and the initial assembly of components.

3D printing technology helps not only in rapid prototyping but is also increasingly used as a form of mass production.

An ideal example of the use of this technology in production is the project of educational models of fetal hearts MWU 3D Models. Due to the degree of complexity and the multitude of elements of one model, it was almost impossible to use any of the classic molding technologies (such as injection molding or rotomolding). So 3d printing came to the rescue. A very complicated, organic form of the heart is not a problem for printing, and the possibility of individual production allowed to reduce the costs associated with the preparation of forms and the creation of inventory.

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