grid studio projektowe

2001 – On April 18, two students of the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków establish the company Grid Studio Projektowe in their second year of studies. The office is located at Halczyna Street.

Initially, the activity was based mainly on orders in the field of commercial graphics. Over time, it develops into product design services.

2003 – The office moves to Wrocławska Street.

2005 – Another office move, this time to Józefitów Street.

Commencement of cooperation with Es System K, which becomes the most important and largest client of the office. Studio Grid is the company’s internal design department.

Launch of the Interior Architecture Design Department.

2010 – Next change of location to 10/1 Bandurskiego Street. The office remains in this location to this day.

2011 – Grid celebrates its 10th anniversary on the market by focusing on services in the field of industrial design and interior architecture (both public spaces and private investments).

2017 – Creation of the MWU 3D Models company dealing with the design and production of educational medical models and VR applications.

2020 – 19 years of the company’s activity.

The people gathered around the GRID brand on a daily basis are a group of friends, mostly graduates of the Faculty of Industrial Design of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. But the team also includes Architects and Interior Architects.

We are passionate about design and well-designed interiors, enthusiasts of both new technologies and craftsmanship. We like photography, painting, drawing and graphics. We constantly set ourselves new challenges so that our projects exceed the accepted standards.

Thanks to the knowledge gained at various faculties of art universities and experience in various areas of design – we complement each other perfectly. We feel strong in teamwork and we are always guided by one goal – to refine the design down to the smallest detail.

Despite many years of professional experience of people who constitute the core of the team, often for the needs of more demanding projects, we create an interdisciplinary team of experts in specific fields.

We strive to ensure that the competences of the team entrusted with a given topic correspond to the needs of a given project to the best possible extent. Thanks to this, we can provide our clients with knowledge and experience in the field of various technologies and production methods, which allows us to offer optimized solutions, best suited to the characteristics of the subject of the study.

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