Fetal Heart VR version 2

In July, a new version of FETAL HEART VR, an application dedicated for Oculus, premiered. It’s a project we are developing in collaboration with doctors at MWU and the Holobits studio.

The app is an innoative training system aimed at doctors and medicine students, it allows to make realistic fetal cardiac scans. Users can fully simulate the maneouvers of an ultrasound probe and perform a virual scan of a normal fetal heart and also hearts affected by Congenital Heart Disease. The basis for creating the app was a series of 3D models of fetus heart designed by us. For a full, more realistic scan simulation we also designed a VR controller adapter that imitates the shape of an ultrasound transducer and a phantom in the shape of a pregnant belly.

On the 22nd of september a popular, american news publication dedicated to virtual reality industry – Road to VR mentioned our application in an article.

Link to the article

We invite you to visit Fetal Heart VR website

The application is avaliable on Oculus Quest 1 i 2

Read more about the whole project in our portfolio.